Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Shooting on Thanksgiving

Jeremy, Ethan, Jimmy and I decided to take the morning and go shooting. It was a blast! At the very end of the day we were shooting golf balls off of tees. Some of the shots were about 75 yards away. The very last thing we decided to do was to see if we could set off a shotgun shell with a .22 round. It didn't ever go off, but we did hit them. Its not easy to hit something the size of a quarter from 150-200 feet away!

We only had one mishap, Jimmy didn't hold one of the rifles tight enough into his shoulder and the scope ended up cutting open his eyebrow :p

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Politically correct

I officially dislike blogging. I was going to write a post about a great new pair of jeans that I just got, but didn't want to offend anyone with some comments that might not be politically correct for me to say. Do you know how stupid that is? Nothing I was planning on saying is the slightest bit offensive. What to do?? Speak my mind anyway? Make the blog private? Give up blogging? Use blogging strictly as an activity/ update log? What are your thoughts? Does anyone else ever run into this problem? Anyone else feel like they can't speak their mind because they might say something that might offend someone?

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PS- if you've got a curvy rear end and a smaller waist go try the Levi's curve ID jeans!! I was hesitant to try them because when I think Levi's I think cowboy, but I got a really cute pair of skinnies that actually fit my rear AND my waist, and that actually cover my rear end when I bend over AND they are low rise!

Monday, November 7, 2011


Want to know how thrilled I am about catching up on the blog? Not at all!! All of the posts are going to be very not-wordy and I'm not going to bother editing any pictures at all. We have had a lot of fun, and are not minding our new town too much. The people here are great! Really really great! (the place itself is less than desirable :)) Hopefully getting all caught up will help me to feel excited about blogging again since hopefully it won't be a chore next time like it is now. Anyway, it's been a fun and busy last couple of months, so enjoy!!

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This Halloween was really fun! I love dressing up! Samantha was pretty sick, which is why pictures of her are limited (The next day was a 'let's go to the ER cause Samantha stopped breathing' kind of day). After the ward trunk or treat we had some friends over for games and yummy food.

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I mentioned before that we were babysitting my cousins right before moving. It was SO much fun. I don't know what I was expecting, but I should have been expecting loads of fun, because my cousin is so funny, so of course her kids are too. I miss them! Cara (her oldest) and I had a ton of fun. Anyway, the last night we were there... welllll it was kinda late and we were kinda looney. Hahah! I have about 100 pictures from that night, I'm not putting them all up, but be prepared for picture overload! Also, a lot of them are scenario pictures. For example we'd say "what if we found out Sharon was an alien?" or "what if..(insert random thing here)" anyway I can't remember what all of them are, but that's where most of the goofy pics come from!


I think this one was "get out of the picture"

rock band?


I think this one was "be the only one in the picture"

Our family picture :)

Pirate's Dice! Maddie was waaaay too good at this game. Cara and I had to team up to take her down! haha!

Cara and I :)
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Samantha's birthday

Samantha had a great birthday this year! I can't believe I have a 3 year old. Crazy.
These are in reverse order, but I just don't feel like fixing it today! So here ya go! The Saturday after her birthday we had a little party for her, and I can't possibly post pics of all her presents so here are a few highlights:
We got her a bike!!
I would have to say the best part of the above picture is Ethan, baahahah

Silly string!! Sam thought it was amazing.

While we were babysitting, my mom came so she could see us one last time before we live much farrther away, and she gave Sam her present there, and it was a hit. :)
The day of her birthday we took her to the park to play and have a picnic. So fun! And look how huge my big guy is now! He is about to cut his 8th tooth! Glad I'm not breastfeeding!

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Yummy eats

My sweet little baby loves to eat things he isn't supposed to. I am on of THOSE moms. The kind that doesn't let her kids have sweets until they are 1. This has proved significantly more difficult with Jase than with Sammi. Two reasons: 1- Sammi loves giving him treats and 2- I am much more distracted! The above picture is him when he discovered one of Sammi's left over birthday cupcakes while I turned my back! Yumm!

Fortunately for Jase I'm also one of THOSE moms- the kind that lets her kids eat dirt! :)

Sam sharing her sucker.

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Poor Jasers

Samantha is obsessed with her baby brother. Maybe she isn't always the kindest to him, but she really does love him a lot, and always wants to play with or harass him. She easpecially loves to put hats on him.
(excuse the horrendous mess, this was taken while packing!!)

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