Monday, November 7, 2011


I mentioned before that we were babysitting my cousins right before moving. It was SO much fun. I don't know what I was expecting, but I should have been expecting loads of fun, because my cousin is so funny, so of course her kids are too. I miss them! Cara (her oldest) and I had a ton of fun. Anyway, the last night we were there... welllll it was kinda late and we were kinda looney. Hahah! I have about 100 pictures from that night, I'm not putting them all up, but be prepared for picture overload! Also, a lot of them are scenario pictures. For example we'd say "what if we found out Sharon was an alien?" or "what if..(insert random thing here)" anyway I can't remember what all of them are, but that's where most of the goofy pics come from!


I think this one was "get out of the picture"

rock band?


I think this one was "be the only one in the picture"

Our family picture :)

Pirate's Dice! Maddie was waaaay too good at this game. Cara and I had to team up to take her down! haha!

Cara and I :)
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cara said...

NICOLE!!! I miss you SO much!! I've seriously been waiting for this post to see how all these pictures turned out... some of them are super cute... sarcasm added.... I love the one with the diaper on my head... no one else will understand that one!! I super love all the pictures and the fun times we had when you were here!! I loved shopping at Walmart and getting free paint splotches!! Thanks for babysitting us and letting us have such a fun time!! Miss you!!

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