Monday, November 7, 2011

Yummy eats

My sweet little baby loves to eat things he isn't supposed to. I am on of THOSE moms. The kind that doesn't let her kids have sweets until they are 1. This has proved significantly more difficult with Jase than with Sammi. Two reasons: 1- Sammi loves giving him treats and 2- I am much more distracted! The above picture is him when he discovered one of Sammi's left over birthday cupcakes while I turned my back! Yumm!

Fortunately for Jase I'm also one of THOSE moms- the kind that lets her kids eat dirt! :)

Sam sharing her sucker.

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Katrina said...

Cute! :)

But yes, the 2nd is way way harder to keep track of things like this! I've found that as well! (however,I'm not all that picky about the sweets necessarily unless they won't eat anything else!) But I've just experienced the "not paying attention as closely" with Kyler and how many calories he is actually taking in vs. what I think he is eating. oops!

I love that last picture! Such a good big sister!

Briana said...

Umm, 1) you kiddos are adorable. 2) I miss you.

Love the eating dirt picture. At least Sammo is sharing, right? Lol