Sunday, January 29, 2012

Why (I think) I want a bunch of kids..Part 1, that really has nothing to do with it. haha!

After having Samantha I was sure I was content with having just 1 kid. Pregnancy was a nightmare, newborns are nightmares (they ARE so sweet, but really I wish I could just skip the first 6 months), breastfeeding was a nightmare, after-effects of being pregnancy and giving birth were nightmares. Then Sammi turned 1. And I had a special experience where I knew I needed to have another baby. Somehow I forgot how miserable it all was and readily signed myself up for more. Pregnancy wasn't even 1/10 as bad. It seemed more normal. I was only sick 24/7 the first trimester, someone introduced me to zofran and bananas as anti-nausea, I could stand up for longer than 30 seconds without passing out. It really wasn't so bad! Then came the newborn stage. Hard, yes, but somehow easier. I was definitely more tired, and about 4 times as busy instead of twice as. But I enjoyed it a lot more. It was nice to have Sammi and my bestie around during those harder months. I have known since I was pregnant with Jase that I would be having more babies. I just knew. No this isn't an announcement. No there won't be one coming in 9 weeks. Part of me wishes there would be an announcement in 9 weeks. Or even 13. But there won't be. We are not in a position where we can have another one or where I can even be pregnant. Not for awhile. But that doesn't really matter that much, because I know I will be having more babies when the time is right. This post ended up not being at all what I intended to write about, but oh well! post signature


mwoodall said...

I am SO GLAD we talked the other day. And that you sent me that link. Tonight when I was babysitting (2 yr old and 5 month old) I was looking forward to having kids. :) I just got freaked out for a while there. And I'm glad to know even moms think newborns are hard! Love you!!! So glad you can be such a good example of a mom for me.

Briana said...

Awe shucks. And here I was getting excited for another nephew/niece to spoil. Umm, PS you are awesome. I miss you tons.