Monday, April 30, 2012

This year one of the local churches did a community Easter egg hunt, and it was awesome! It was a really nice hunt, the best one I've been to yet. They had it really well organized and it was well executed. They even had a hunt for the teenagers and another for adults! You better believe I participated in the adult one ;)

We went with some of our friends and they have a baby girl a little younger than Jase, and Jase REALLY like her a lot. :)

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Being me

I love being at home with my little ones. Kids smell so good, don't you think? So, there is something that I have been doing lately (and maybe it's incredibly dumb of me to not have done it before??? I just never thought about it) that I just have to share.. maybe it will help you guys too! SO my kids get up about 7. I used to roll out of bed at the sound of their cries and go get them. I would feed them, and scramble trying to play with them, feed them etc while trying to get myself ready. Not anymore. I read somewhere that when we are stay at home moms, that is our job. Our work. And that got me to thinking. You don't just wake up and start working. You wake up and get ready for work, then work! So now I get up 40 minutes earlier (we work out at night, so that isn't something that would motivate me to do this), get dressed, hair and makeup(remember working out the night before? That includes a shower :)), read my scriptures, and then have about 10 minutes to do whatever I want before I go get them. Sometimes I check blogs, make eggs for breakfast, write in my journal, read... Guys, it has made all the difference! If you feel a little big lagg-y (I know, made up word) in the mornings and maybe like you don't want to roll out of bed, give this a try! Having a little bit of time to feel like myself, and have my own identity besides "mom" first thing in the morning, has made me feel so much better. I feel stronger, I am more motivated to spend quality time with my kids, teaching, playing, laughing, running around, etc. It is easier for me to be a "mom" all day, if I am myself for a short while before I become mom. post signature

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Ok I have been thinking a lot about gossip lately. Like last 6 months lately. I want your opinions!!! I think I have come far enough that I am pretty much over petty superficial gossip. I don't like speaking bad about people and I REALLY try to avoid it. My questions are not about petty gossip, but about 'venting'. And not just venting to anyone and everyone. But maybe venting to the 1-3 people in your life who you know you can go to with anything. You know the people-- your spouse is one of them, and you have 1 or 2 other friends that you can tell all your dreams, wishes, and hopes to. The people you call or go to when you feel  Stressed to the max. You call them and you vent. Sometimes the venting is about other people. Is this okay, or wrong? Is it the way you say it that makes it okay? Is it not okay ever? Is it okay no matter what because you know these people will help you feel better, and won't spread what you are saying? Mostly I vent to my husband. He hears mostly everything. Does that make it okay since he is my husband and I should tell him everything? Or is it still wrong? I don't like gossip, and I usually try to shut down gossip before it starts by interjecting a compliment about whoever is being mentioned. Part of me thinks that maybe it isn't ever okay. I do NOT say bad things about Jacob to anyone (even venting), because I wouldn't want to damage our relationship in any way, and if I have an issue with him that I need to talk about, I just go to him. Thinking about that makes me think that maybe it isn't okay to vent about anyone, because it could damage your relationship with them. But what do you do when you are so stressed out and just need to talk and get things off your chest? What if someone has hurt you deeply and you just want to tell your spouse about it? Is it the way you say things when speaking to those you are closest to? When 'venting' I try to keep bitterness and judgements out of the picture and don't insult others.   Does that make it okay? I don't know. I am not trying to justify my actions in 'venting' but looking for honest opinions! So-- What do you think?
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Sunday, April 8, 2012

so good

I've posted this movie before, and just have to post it again. It is SO good. You don't have to watch it, just press play and listen while you surf the internet, do you hair, or whatever.
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Monday, April 2, 2012


Well, I have been up since 3:30 this morning since I am stressed out to the max and can't sleep. After laying there with my brain on overdrive for over an hour I decided I might as well do something rather than just lay there. Blogging often makes me feel better, so I'm updating!!! Wooohoo!!!! post signature

The BEST date/ present of my LIFE!!

Okay guys.. Jacob seriously won best husband ever award in December. I had dreamed of going to Wicked for 6 years! This is NOT an exaggeration! Jacob gave me the BEST gift of my entire life by surprising me a few days early with.... Tickets to WICKED!! I was soooo excited I didn't have a reaction, lol. For those who know me, I get excited really easily and jump around and can't contain my energy. Well, I was so stunned I didn't have a reaction until the next day, which was the day we were going. It actually worked out perfectly-- Briana was flying into LAX the day after we were seeing Wicked, so rather than pay for gas to go pick her up, Jacob's parents got us a hotel so we could just stay overnight and pick her up the next day. It was such a perfect trip. We got to Hollywood (my first time in Hollywood-- holy smokes is it ghetto!!!!) and wandered around, went to our hotel and changed, then went to Wicked. Honestly, after dreaming about going to it for 6 years, and having never been to a Broadway play, I was a little worried I would be let down- that my high expectations would not be met. But they were!! It was magical! It was so incredibly amazing. We had really close seats, and WOW. I can't really describe how awesome it was, but let me say that it is worth seeing it in person. Jacob enjoyed it a lot too. We both agreed there is something just magical about being there in person rather than a screen. It's so different! Anyway, I will stop raving :) The next morning rather than be lazy bums we decided to go to the beach before picking Bri up. It was great! We were only there for an hour, and it was not long enough! I am eagerly planning a trip to the beach with our little family for sometime soon!! Here are our amazing pictures:
The inside of Pantages was so awesome. This picture doesn't do it justice even a tiny bit.

K maybe this last picture is kinda corny, but I had so much fun chasing the seagulls. This picture describes how I felt on our little vacation- Free! post signature

Las Vegas

Back in January we went on a really fun little vacation :) My parents bought a time share for a good price from some friends who weren't able to use theirs last minute in Las Vegas. We went Sunday evening through Thursday. The rooms were really cool, they were kind of 2-in 1 condos. You walk in and there are just 2 doors to 2 separate condos. Each one had a kitchenette, large wonderful bathroom complete with jacuzzi tub, king size bed in a room, large living room/ dining room. It was great, I think especially for my parents because they didn't have to hear the kids at all at night! (The kids slept in the living room on our side) Plus it was nice during nap time to just put the kids in bed then go hang out with my parents without worrying about being super quiet, but we were still just right there. So nice! Anyway it was a lot of fun, we went to the Shark Reef Aquarium there. It was pretty pricey for what you get, but definitely worth seeing once :) We hung out at the Bellagio and ate amazing gelatto and saw the fountains, we went to the M&M factory, went to Bass Pro Shops.. Honestly people in Idaho and Utah-- Cabela's in Lehi is pretty dang awesome with all it's decor, but it doesn't really hold a candle to Bass Pro Shops! Holy cow that place is aaaaamazing! We walked around and looked at all the animals, shot guns, shopped-- it was a really cool place! I recommend checking it out! One night my parents went out and explored, and another night we did. We went and ate at Famous Dave's to celebrate Jacob's bday- I've never liked BBQ as much as I did at Famous Dave's! Wow! It was fun! We made a cake and celebrated Jacob's and Jase's bdays (Jase's bday is the day after Jacob's). All in all it was a fun time!

Sweet little Jase :) He was so tired after eating cake he just cuddled up on the towel we had him on. He does that a lot, he is my little cuddly boy!

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Random Stuff

 Zach did Mr.BHS  (funny man-pageant) and Sam was his escort.  I know you can't really see her in this picture, but there was a chorus of  "awwww's" when she walked out on stage  and she looked so adorable :)
 This picture makes me laugh so hard.  This is how we brush Jase's teeth, because he hates it and it always ends with him laying down and fighting us so we have to hold his arms back.
 We had ribs and they were ah-ma-zing.  My sister has the best rib recipe ever.  Jase liked the ribs too :)

 classic cutie pie Jase-face
 Jase sleeping- so cute :)
Jase trying watermelon for the first time!  He actually really liked it....

Christmas 2011

 Jase was most interested in the yogurt melts he got from Santa.. Little guy sure loves his food!
Christmas this year was a lot of fun, I love having lots of family around for holidays and stuff, the chaos is fun! I already blogged about our spiritual side of Christmas, so here are some pictures of our secular side. Christmas was a success, and I'm so grateful for a holiday where we get to focus so much on our Savior! post signature