Monday, April 2, 2012

The BEST date/ present of my LIFE!!

Okay guys.. Jacob seriously won best husband ever award in December. I had dreamed of going to Wicked for 6 years! This is NOT an exaggeration! Jacob gave me the BEST gift of my entire life by surprising me a few days early with.... Tickets to WICKED!! I was soooo excited I didn't have a reaction, lol. For those who know me, I get excited really easily and jump around and can't contain my energy. Well, I was so stunned I didn't have a reaction until the next day, which was the day we were going. It actually worked out perfectly-- Briana was flying into LAX the day after we were seeing Wicked, so rather than pay for gas to go pick her up, Jacob's parents got us a hotel so we could just stay overnight and pick her up the next day. It was such a perfect trip. We got to Hollywood (my first time in Hollywood-- holy smokes is it ghetto!!!!) and wandered around, went to our hotel and changed, then went to Wicked. Honestly, after dreaming about going to it for 6 years, and having never been to a Broadway play, I was a little worried I would be let down- that my high expectations would not be met. But they were!! It was magical! It was so incredibly amazing. We had really close seats, and WOW. I can't really describe how awesome it was, but let me say that it is worth seeing it in person. Jacob enjoyed it a lot too. We both agreed there is something just magical about being there in person rather than a screen. It's so different! Anyway, I will stop raving :) The next morning rather than be lazy bums we decided to go to the beach before picking Bri up. It was great! We were only there for an hour, and it was not long enough! I am eagerly planning a trip to the beach with our little family for sometime soon!! Here are our amazing pictures:
The inside of Pantages was so awesome. This picture doesn't do it justice even a tiny bit.

K maybe this last picture is kinda corny, but I had so much fun chasing the seagulls. This picture describes how I felt on our little vacation- Free! post signature


mwoodall said...

Yay!!!!!!!!!! That's so awesome!!! I'm so glad you got to see it! The first time I went was at Pantages too. (Actually the only time I've seen it). And yeah Hollywood is super ghetto! Your hair is getting so long. You look gorgeous and you and Jacob look so happy together. I'm glad you got to go. :) Jacob rules!

Briana said...

Still WAY jealous of you :)

Katrina said...

WAHOO!!! :) That is SOOOOO Fun! I'm SOOOOOOO jealous!! :)

I'm glad you finally got to see it! It is definitely worth every penny when you get the chance! :)

And then to have freedom and a break for 2 days--you SHOULD be chasing those seagulls and doing whatever you want to do! :) Looking at your pictures makes me crave a trip like that even more than I already did! ;)

What a fabulous hubby you have! He'll have a hard time living up to this one, I bet! ;) jk

Sharon said...

Wicked is my favorite musical. Glad you got to go!