Monday, April 2, 2012

Random Stuff

 Zach did Mr.BHS  (funny man-pageant) and Sam was his escort.  I know you can't really see her in this picture, but there was a chorus of  "awwww's" when she walked out on stage  and she looked so adorable :)
 This picture makes me laugh so hard.  This is how we brush Jase's teeth, because he hates it and it always ends with him laying down and fighting us so we have to hold his arms back.
 We had ribs and they were ah-ma-zing.  My sister has the best rib recipe ever.  Jase liked the ribs too :)

 classic cutie pie Jase-face
 Jase sleeping- so cute :)
Jase trying watermelon for the first time!  He actually really liked it....


Briana said...

Your son is so cute! Miss him & you guys of course. Love the rib eating picture. So funny!

Eudelia said...

Way to go Jacob on Mr. BHS. Those were certainly the days. I did that competition 13 years ago!!! I bet he did great.