Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bear Grylls!

We took a trip to go to the temple, and we figured since we were already forking over the bucks in gas to get there, we might as well have some fun while we were there!  We got up early, took the kids, went to the temple (took turns doing initiatory) then went to the beach! It was great!  First we went to the Santa Monica Pier (I've never been) ummmm let's just say.. it's overrated. Maybe it's because the weather there is so gross (SUPER smoggy, ugh)?  I liked the whole outdoor gym thing and the fact that you can rent bikes and rollerblades and all kinds of other things, but the pier itself.. Not so impressive. Though we did see Bear Grylls there!  That was cool!!  We would have asked for a picture with him, but he was out for a run (shirtless, I might add) He and Jacob exchanged nods though!  How cool!!!  Anyway, it was pretty cool, cause I think both of us would rather see him than Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt, haha :)
Jase is such a stinker.  I made banana oatmeal cookies the night before to take with us, and he kept finding the bag and getting into them.  This is the next morning when he found the bag of cookies again!  He is such a cookie lover :)

At the beautiful LA temple.  2 great things about the LA temple--  1- its in a high traffic area, but when you are on the grounds it is so peaceful and quiet!  and 2- For some reason the sky is always clear and less smoggy above the temple.  Which I appreciate since I love my clean air! :)

Daddy and Jasers

Momma and Jase. Ignore my crazy face, and look at Jase's adorable crazy face!!
builiding sand castles!

body-less Sammi!
Jase's buried legs!  Jase is constantly surprising us.  He is SO Chill, but also really picky about a select few things. Funny kid.  He likes certain things the way he likes them!  Anyway, we thought having his legs buried in the sand would just drive him nuts, but he liked it.  Wonder if we'll ever figure him out??
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JC55 said...

Awesome idea to go to the beach after the temple! I think we'll have to use that one

Jane Rekas said...

I don't know if you will get this, but you don't have a contact me form or email. I just replied quite late to a comment you made on my blog. I responded there, but let me know if you don't see/get it.