Tuesday, May 15, 2012

We set up the pool in April this year- since it was in the 90s and hot!!  Funny story: when I was telling a friend here about setting up the pool, she gave me a funny look and asked "wasn't it too cold?!"  I smiled and shook my head, and started thinking back to my childhood in Idaho.  In Idaho the water is MUCH MUCH colder coming out of the faucet and it's usually in the 80s outside during the summer. And I don't have memories of it being too cold, just memories of having a ton of fun! So no, it wasn't too cold at all! :)
 I love this picture of Sammi, she looks like a little diva :)
My happy boy!  My friend calls him 'King Chill'.  It suits him (unless he's hungry)
My kids love to swim!  And check out Jase's pectus escavatum (the dip in his chest) it seems to be getting better.

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Briana said...

Swimming is a MUST when I visit.

The reason your daughter looks like a diva is because she is one :)