Thursday, June 7, 2012


Things have been pretty normal (cough-boring!) lately.  I love a little fun and adventure, and we have been short on the adventure lately (never the fun though!)  We have been working our guts out on PA school applications (any prayers sent our way would help! :)) and I'm excited for the process to be over with.  I just want Jacob to get in this cycle soo badly!  Ahhhhhh.  Anyway, here's a few pictures I've snapped lately.
finger paint!
Jase is such a garbage picker.  He goes through and finds old nasty food and eats it.  Gross, I know.  Makes my stomach churn to think about it.  He also throws away money, toys, and dog food.  Oh sigh. 
We had chocolate pudding cake one night, and without seeing anyone do this, or anyone telling him to do it, he just picked up his plate and started licking it!! I should post the recipe on here, it is really good. Look for an edit later :) On a sadder note, Sammi spent 3 days last week in the hospital. So sad. We took her to the ER a little before 6 a.m. on Wednesday because her breathing just got really bad- she's asthmatic and was wheezing really badly all night. Anyway, we finally took her in, they gave her a bunch of medicine and breathing treatments and steroids (and don't tell me to try DoTerra Breathe-- we have and it doesn't help!!!!!!!!!). It was so sad. They didn't like her oxygen levels still, so they admitted her to the hospital where she stayed until Friday afternoon. It just took a long time for her lungs to start absorbing oxygen the way they should, and spending a long time on low oxygen levels can cause serious problems, including brain damage, so we kept her there where she could be on oxygen. On one hand it was a bit of a blessing because now we have a really helpful doctor who has done so much for her, and we are so grateful! Last weekend continued pretty much the same. We got home from the hospital, I got out of the car, my phone fell and the screen shattered, one of her prescriptions wouldn't go through, I forgot to take a salad to a funeral and to call one of my best friends on her birthday. Yeah, I felt like a real winner! :) Oh well, gotta have the bad weeks to appreciate the good weeks, right?! And this week has been pretty great! post signature


Tara said...

oh dang, I didn't know your phone screen shattered. I'm glad Sam is doing so well now though! You know how I have my trash can up on a cart? It's because Claire will dig through and find things and eat them too. :)

Lacey.costner said...

Hey Nicole!
I just read your comment on my blog, so here is my advice, there is no point in reapplying if he hasn't improved or changed anything on his application. Use for awesome info from other pa students trying to get in . We used the dental section on that website to get a feel for what Ryan was up against. Definitely retake classes if his gpa isn't competitive, letters of recommendation? I'm not sure how that goes for pa school. He needs some clinical experience in the health care field for sure!

Bottom line, be patient, and accept and be open to the possibility that he may need to wait to build a stronger application. It is really hard to accept that, but, it's better than throwing money out the window. If y'all put forth an honest effort, and it's right, it will happen. To be honest though, I realized that I was putting way too much weight and responsibility on Ryan. I was asking him to provide for a family of four, go to school full time, study, and somehow manage to get community service, and stellar grades squeezed in...and it obviously didn't happen! I told him that if I went back to work, and met him half way with our family that he had to promise to put everything into making his application better. He quit his job, I found a great full time job, he enrolled at UVU retook any classes that he didn't get an "A" in before, got perfect grades in all of them, he retook the dat (the test to take for applying to dental school) and did amazingly well, he got into a masters program at byu, and did that full time and was a T.A. to make a little extra money.

Meanwhile, the kids were babysat by some angel women in my ward, I climbed up my company ladder and got an awesome promotion that made it so much less stressful for our family, and my babysitters got to get paid what they deserved!

We never saw Ryan, he was gone from 7 am-9 pm every night, and even all day Saturday's. He was studying, or shadowing dentists at this time, making sure he could get letters of recommendation from professors and dentists who really could account for his work ethic and character. I'm not going to lie, it has been the hardest 2 years of our marriage. But, that blessing of "ye shall walk and not be weary, and run and not faint" we have completely felt that blessing In our lives. I'm sure people will think this was all way too crazy, but it was worth it to us to make the sacrifices now to achieve Ryan's dream of being a dentist.

We decided if we were going to apply again, then we needed to know we left nothing on the table, we did everything we could possibly have done to make this work. And I know we did! Heavenly father did the rest. We put his applications in at midnight on the first day you could submit, we hounded uvu and byu to get his transcripts submitted on time, he called the schools once every other week to check on the status of his application, after he interviewed he sent a thank you letter with a letter of intent on why he would want to go to their school, he then would call once every 3 weeks to check on the status, and it paid off. Lots of prayers and fasting helped too! Good luck, sincerely, I mean it! I hope you don't have to go through the extent we have had to get in, but if you do, you will survive, and it will be the best feeling to know you did this together! Email, Facebook, or call me if you need some encouraging words!

Sharon said...


We miss you guys! Hope Sami is continuing to do well. And let us know about the school thing. Its hard to live life in limbo!

My Soul is the Sky said...

Hey thanks for your comment on my post about the shorts. I appreciate your opinion and I'm glad you said what Clinton and Stacy think too (: thanks!