Tuesday, January 22, 2013


We have now been without our "stuff" for over a month.  On Dec 21 our stuff was loaded into a truck to be driven to West Virginia. We kept out the bare minimum. A couple of books, a few changes of clothes, the pack n play- really just the basics.  We were informed by the moving company it would be 5-17 days from the date of pickup that our stuff would arrive. We quickly replanned our trip across the country to get there a couple of days sooner since they said there would be "no problem getting it there by December 31." We asked them about the 5-17 days and asked them if that meant our stuff would be there by about the 9th and they said "yeah, somewhere around there." Long story short, after many phone calls and the latest day they can deliver being re-estimated multiple times, and finally ending at January 17, because there weren't any more days they could X out, our stuff is now officially 5 days late (which really isn't that bad, I'm just frustrated they led us to believe we would get our stuff sooner, in my mind they are WEEKS late).  However, they said they would call at least 24 hours in advance, and still no phone call. Hopefully we get it before Sunday, because I am really sick of wearing the same thing to church! :)
All the annoyance aside, it's funny how simple life has become. Cleaning is a breeze, because we don't have much to make a mess with. And really, we aren't without much. Poor Jacob only has 2 outfits to wear to school (I'm telling you, they really let us believe the latest they would come was the 9th!!) because their dress code is business casual for the PA program. The things I miss the most are my cute clothes-- especially my boots and sweaters and cute jeans (I mostly just packed t-shirts and my least favorite jeans because we weren't supposed to have been here very long without our things, and I didn't see a need to pack cute clothes to ride in the car in), cookware, spices, a computer (all we have is Jacob's laptop right now, and he takes it to school 12 hours a day!) my bed, and a table! (any idea how hard it is to get children to focus on dinner when you aren't situated at a table?!)  We really do have the necessities though. We sold most of our things before moving to Ridgecrest, so we came here and had to buy couches (looking for couches on a student budget?? Big Lots! They are SO SO inexpensive), so we at least have somewhere to sit! And luckily some friends let us borrow their spare bed, so we aren't sleeping on the couches anymore :)  Also, the place we live is all hard wood floors (cold an uninviting, in my opinion) so we got some rugs, so it really isn't so bad.
I have just been thinking lately about how much "stuff" we have. We have way too many toys, I could definitely get rid of some of my kitchen things, I could definitely get rid of more clothing and shoes. Why do we have so much stuff? Think back 200 years ago. They didn't have near as much "stuff". They found things to do and ways to be happy. It's kind of crazy, really. On one hand I could rationalize keeping every single thing in those boxes headed our way (I know, because I did it in December when we went through everything-- we got rid of a LOT of stuff then), I found a need for every single thing there (and we aren't packrats or anything, either). On the other hand part of me is like why?? Why do we have so much?? Do I really need a pair of boots in brown and black (the answer is still yes! ha!) Do I really need 6 pairs of jeans?? Do I really need all of those jackets (I've been okay with just the one) Do my children really need all of those toys?  Anyway, life has been good a little bit simpler these last few weeks. The kids are fine with only their books and toys they got for Christmas. I'm fine without a computer during the day (sort of). Jacob is fine without my amazing cooking (its the spices thing.. I can only make things that don't require spices other than salt pepper and cinnamon, so we have been having a lot of fajitas and breakfast burritos and sandwiches). We have all been fine, and it's been nice. I'm really hoping I can keep this in mind as I am unpacking, and hopefully I can get rid of even more stuff.  Sorry this post is forever long, just my thoughts tonight as I anticipate the arrival of our bed and my boots! :)

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Briana said...

I agree: We live with too much stuff. Ifeel like I have a ton of stuff never use or that I don't need. Maybe next time I move I'll get rid of some stuff... And yes, boots in both colors are a necessity haha

I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!