Monday, March 25, 2013


I have recently been thinking about choices we make and where they lead us.  I have been realizing more and more how valuable my health is in all aspects. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. And they really do affect each other! There is so much we can do now to ensure the quality of life we lead later! When I take care of myself physically (this is NOT a post insulting anyone struggling with weight, whether it be "too little" or "too much"- everyone has their own healthy weight, what really matters is what you are doing TODAY) by exercising and eating things that will help my body feel good, it is easier to get through a day at home with grumpy children and a husband gone 14-15 hours a day studying.  When I keep myself spiritually uplifted I feel more motivated to take care of my physical body. When I keep myself in good emotional health by forgiving others and not worrying about things I can't change (forgiveness has always come easily to me, however the not worrying does NOT!:)) I can focus on positive things, which helps me make positive choices in other areas. Mentally challenging myself is important too, and for me it involves having a creative outlet and doing hard things. For me it is more mentally challenging to say no to the cookies than it is physically, and in a workout it is truly conquering the mind first, then the body when you are convinced you can go no further or not do another rep and you do. The other thing I do for my mental health is try to read some non-fiction and do sudoku.
  The one that has the ability to drag me down the most though is not taking care of myself emotionally. We all know someone holding on to bitterness and resentment that can't let things go. If I don't keep myself in a good place emotionally it is SO hard to drag myself out of bed for that workout. It is impossible to say no to a second cookie or a second scoop of ice cream (I am not against sweets in moderation! :)) And if I do have the gusto to pick up my scriptures, I'm not engaged and getting out of it what I should. So how do I take care of myself emotionally? (FYI this post is about me, these things may be completely different for you!:)) First and foremost-- I let things go! I don't let other people get to me and bring me down.  I think this might be why I like everyone--for reals, if you think I don't like you, then you're wrong! I like everyone, even if they don't like me-- The second thing for me is to have something to look forward to. Whether it is a trip somewhere, (even if it is small) or someone coming to visit, or maybe a date night. Something that I can plan for, and be EXCITED about, and look forward to. I love being excited for things! That is where I truly thrive.  The third thing is making sure I get enough adult contact. Sometimes the days get long and really draw out. Without human contact (ok, fine, my kids are human.. but I can't really engage them in a REAL conversation about things that interest me and what I'm up to and what I love and what I dislike) I really get into an emotional funk and next thing I know I'm a mess in all aspects of my health.
When I'm old, I want to be like grandma was: lively, vibrant, active, full of life. She still knew how to have a good time and was so HAPPY. And it was because she took care of herself. I would hate to be anything but that! So here's to being happy, active, and vibrant when I'm old!!
At the end of the day it's a good life and no matter how low you are in any area, you can always heal and do things every single day to help lift yourself up.


Kendra and Caleb said...

Great persepective!!! And I agree 100% on the (adult) human thing, caleb is gone 12_13 hrs everyday and I need a big human to talk to ;)

Briana said...

Man. You are amazing. I need to be more like you and take better care of myself. You are such an inspiration to me. Can't wait to see you :)