Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sweet little Saylor- an update

So various people have been asking about my cute little niece Saylor, who got a liver transplant. I guess I owe it to the blogging world to make an update, since I wrote my other post, ha :)   Saylor got her liver transplant!! She took a turn for the worse and was given a higher need score. She was the sickest baby in the region (CA,AZ, UT, ID, NM, WA, OR and possibly other states in the west) in need of a liver transplant and she got one soon after her higher ranking! I can't remember, but I think it may have been the next day. Maybe one more day after that, not sure.  The sweet little baby she got her liver from died of RSV. Please pray for the donor family. It still baffles me that because someone else DIED my niece gets to live. I felt so strange praying for her to get a liver, because it meant that someone else would have to die. Then I reminded myself that whoever she ended up getting her liver from wasn't dying so Saylor could have her liver, but was dying no matter what. What a miracle that we can bring life from death! And what a miracle for modern medicine! I definitely love using essential oils and other natural remedies and I love how they can help with things, but if it wasn't for modern medicine, Saylor would not be with us! Even if she had been born 20 years ago they would not have been able to properly treat her. I'm so grateful for everyone's love and support and prayers. Saylor is doing great with her new liver. It started working before they had even sewn her back up! Isn't that crazy?! She now looks like she is caucasian, she has white skin and white eyes and is sooo soo cute! I love her! They wait about 6 months before officially declaring whether her body has accepted or rejected the liver, so only time will tell with that, but so far she is doing great! She is recovering faster than the doctors could have hoped, and doing very well! We are so happy for her and her parents!

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