Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas on Saipan

Christmas Eve was when the fun started. Usually on Christmas Eve we do the whole build up with nativity, Christmas stories in the BoM and Bible, Christmas books, Twas the Night Before Christmas, new PJs, Christmas carols and hymns, etc. But this year we decided to get the kids kittens (remember the shrew problem ;)) Jacob picked them up on his way home from work (just worked til noon) and we spent the afternoon playing with them, then in the evening we went to get dinner (Taco Bell) and went to a Christmas Mass for a little while. It was in Chamorro, so we couldn't understand, but you could still feel the spirit as they celebrated Christ's birth. We only lasted 20 minutes (kids) and then went to meet up with friends for Dodgeball. ---sidenote: whenever someone invites me to play dodgeball I ALWAYS think in my mind that it is kickball! And I LOVE LOVE kickball, so I'm always all pumped to play kickball and then it's dodgeball and I get a little alarmed because I am horrible at throwing and great at getting hit in the face and I haven't had time to mentally prepare! I DO like dodgeball, I just don't love it like I love kickball, and I need to mentally prepare for the onslaught of painful balls being thrown at me--- Anyway it was tons of fun, I got a nice bruise on my leg, did not get a single person out, but also did not get hit in the face! Success! It was great. Then we went to a friends house and decorated Christmas cookies and just enjoyed life and hung out. It was way fun. We didn't get home until after 10, so we just did a quick nativity thing and Twas the Night Before Christmas, and put stockings out.

2 of my cookies- Peace on Earth.. ha! yeah, I think I'm funny ;)

post signatureOur Christmas was pretty relaxed. We just did the normal stockings, presents thing, haha :) We like to keep things simple and low key, and this is the first year where we even had the financial option to do a little more, but we did not :) It's just something that works for us. We had breakfast of poptarts and oranges (Did I mention we like to keep things simple? lol) We played around for awhile, then everyone took naps. After naps we played with our new stuff a bit, Jacob and I read, the kids watched Frosty the Snowman, and we did our nativity and BoM and Bible story stuff, and I made cinnamon bread for dinner. Dinner was knock-off Kneader's french toast. If you live in Mormonville, check out Kneader's.. holy yum. My fav is their chicken caesar salad, and their turkey pesto panini. While the bread was baking, we went down to the beach for a walk. It was amazing. It was so beautiful out, and I feel a lot of gratitude living here. Looking at everyone's pictures makes me miss home and family and snow and mountains, but we are blessed to be here. Our time here is a gift. After our beach walk we went home and had dinner, then went down to the beach for a fire and s'mores. The marshmallows were forgotten, and there was too much chocolate, but it was so perfect. The moon shining brightly on the water. I felt so alive and so at peace. The kids were playing and searching for creatures. One of our friends brought his ukulele and it created the perfect atmosphere. It felt so surreal and I never want to forget that night. Everyone was relaxed and happy. My senses were so alive and the ocean breeze on my skin and in my hair, and the sand in my toes and the fire crackling, and the laughter of easy conversation. It was magical (friends tell me I'm in the honeymoon stage here, ha!)
We had to cut Everett's hair :( Jase cut the sides and it looked AWFUL. I cried. These are before.

Our beautiful walk.
I tried to capture my magical Christmas fire on the beach moment... without success. :)

The day after Christmas was a day spent in the water! (My favorite) We went down to Sugar Dock with some friends and their kayak. Sugar Dock is a "pretty" beach with nice sand calm water and pretty lagoon colors. We took turns on the kayak, and took the kids over to jump off the dock. I'm so proud of both my kids! It's hard to jump from high heights, but they did it! After Sugar Dock we had lunch and naps. 

After naps we went to Bird Island for some snorkeling and beach combing. Bird Island is a fairly rocky beach with a  lot to explore underwater.

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