About Us

Jacob and I met at the beginning of January 2007, and went on our first date later that month. I hadn't wanted a relationship or even to date much. I wanted to focus on school more (I wasn't getting as good of grades as I was capable of) and just not have the extra stress of either a boyfriend or dating around. I almost said 'no' to him, but decided to go because it sounded like fun, and I was dying to get out of Provo. We went on a group date to Salt Lake and watched the Joseph Smith movie.. One of the guys we were riding with lost his wallet or something (I don't really remember) so we were on temple square for a LONG time, and ended up getting dinner at Denny's around midnight :) Jacob was quite shy, and although the conversation wasn't flowing steadily all night, I remember I still had a lot of fun, but what I remember most was I was just SO comfortable around him.

  We kept dating and he met my family on Easter weekend -at the time my grandma lived nearby and they came to visit us.  A few weeks later after finals were over I went with him to meet his family and go to Disneyland- they loved me! :)

Less than 2 weeks after that (May 4) he SHOCKED me by telling me he wanted to spend forever with me.  We talked about it and fasted about it that Sunday, and I just remember the incredibly peace I felt all day while fasting.  Jacob got a 'yes' and that was that! We planned our wedding, and got married in the Idaho Falls, ID temple on August 8, 2007.  It truly was the happiest day of my life!!

6 months later we thought "Why not have us some babies?"

A little more than 8 months later (due to complications I was induced 3 weeks early) we had our sweet little Samantha.

We love life with our sweet toddler!

In June 2010 we found out we were expecting another addition to our family!

  We were so excited, and in September, we found out Samantha would be getting a baby BROTHER!

 On January 19, 2011 little Jase joined our family!

We are so happy- does life get any better?